‘The Bye Bye Man’ review

"The Bye Bye Man" stands as a fairly unique horror film. Its cleverly crafted lore and exquisite setting feel fresh. Yet while "The Bye Bye Man" benefits from t...

The Top 11 Movies from 2016

2016 featured no shortage of superb cinema. From seasoned veterans dropping new projects to fresh talent debuting incredible material, 2016 was at least a good ...

The Top 12 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2016

Ten years ago, acclaimed rapper Nas debuted his eighth studio album, Hip Hop is Dead. With the proliferation of subgenres including "mumble rap," it's a sentime...

NES Classic Mini Alternatives

Nintendo's NES Classic Mini quickly sold out once it hit shelves. A replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but with a smaller footprint, it's essent...

The Top 11 Worst Christmas Songs

Christmas. It's a time of cheer, filled with lights, trees, (hopefully spiked) eggnog, and of course Christmas songs. Often, radio stations begin blasting Chris...

Netflix debuts offline downloads

It's difficult to believe that Netflix can improve. However the addition of offline downloads further posits Netflix as the premiere video delivery platform. Co...


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