'Another WolfCop' is delightfully funny (review)
3.0Overall Score

Following up 2014 horror-comedy “WolfCop,” (our review) the aptly-named “Another WolfCop” once again delivers a hearty dose of hilarity. Though it’s not quite as fresh as its predecessor in “WolfCop,” the sequel nevertheless entertains and remains deliciously unique.
As “Another WolfCop” opens, Sgt. Lou Garou aka WolfCop (Leo Fafarad) has truly made a name for himself as the WolfCop. He’s something of a superhero in Woodhaven, particularly at the local convenience store, Liquor Donuts. There’s even WolfCop swag available for purchase.

Yannick Bisson portrays Swallows, a savvy yet arrogant mogul. Partnering with Darkstar brewery, Swallows introduces Chicken Milk Stout. “Slam a cold cock!” Swallows proudly exclaims. Bisson’s addition to the “WolfCop” franchise is one of the most enjoyable elements of “Another WolfCop.” It’s jarring yet refreshingly fun to watch Bisson in a decidedly more tongue in cheek role than the straight-laced Det. William Murdoch from CBC’s hit series “Murdoch Mysteries.”

Yet again, “Another WolfCop” shines in all the spots where its predecessor succeeded. It’s admittedly not high art, but rather well executed, campy horror. Riffing with lines like “Looks like I brought a knife to a wolf fight,” and “we got ourselves a fuckin’ WolfCop,” “Another WolfCop” is side-splittingly self aware. I adored the original “WolfCop” for its attention to detail, and “Another WolfCop” did not disappoint. The strip club is named Club Phoque (read: Fuck), which is only mentioned in passing, but it’s this sort of scrupulousness which leaves the viewer satisfied.

Writer/Director Lowell Dean returns, and marvelously captures the essence of the first film. It’s deliciously over-the-top with its action, blood splatter, and explosions. Its continued use of practical effects is just one more reason to adore “Another WolfCop.” The running theme of shape shifters adds continuity to the “WolfCop” saga, and there’s still a neat “Hot Fuzz” vibe. However, “Another WolfCop” seems to channel a bit of “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” as well with Swallows portraying a suave version of “Season of the Witch” antagonist Conal Cochran.

Amy Matysio sort of carries “Another WolfCop” with her performance as Tina. During “WolfCop,” Tina emerged as a true badass, a theme which continues throughout the sequel. Yet from the onset, her maturation as a character and police sergeant is clear.

Whereas WolfCop is accustomed to easily overpowering villains, a new threat in the form of cyborg Frank (Alden Adair) completely kicks WolfCop’s ass. In a welcome surprise, Willie (Jonathan Cherry) returns and plays a central role in thwarting the new threat as WolfCop’s shockingly competent and loyal sidekick. Moreover, Willie’s sister Kat (Serena Miller) lends her talents. Plus, Kat offers a huge revelation.

Unfortunately, “Another WolfCop” for all of its uniqueness, fails to top the first film. The first third really drags, and it’s not until the second act where “Another WolfCop” offers a reminder of why the its predecessor was so damn entertaining. Additionally, WolfCop doesn’t quite feel like the star. Instead, that award goes to Tina. That’s not necessarily a downside, as Matysio plays Tina as an incredibly likable character. But for a film called “Another WolfCop,” the titular character lacks much characterization. Rather, he exists almost purely to swoop in and take down villains.

Despite its minor shortcomings, “Another WolfCop” manages to entertain. As the film progresses, “Another WolfCop” admirably improves and oozes the juicy humor of its predecessor. Sure, it gets off to a pretty slow start. But through inspired performances from the returning Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, and newcomer Yannick Bission who steals every scene he’s in, “Another WolfCop” remains a bloody good time.