Disney announced its own forthcoming streaming service as well as an ESPN streaming offering. Initially, Disney was vague about its plans to pull Star Wars and Marvel content. While Pixar and Disney movies and shows were planned as exclusive to the upcoming Disney streaming service, there was a chance Marvel and Lucasfilm videos would remain. But Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed plans to pull all Disney-owned content from Netflix.

Disney streaming service exclusive content

Disney to pull its Marvel and Star Wars content from Netflix

After agreeing to a partnership, Disney chanced course and opted to create its own streaming platform. This is set to debut in 2018. Then in 2019, an ESPN-branded service is poised to launch.

Pricing details have yet to be unveiled, but Iger did allow that the streaming service will feature around four or five original movies each year as well as original series. Although this is a fantastic opportunity for original content creation, similar to what Netflix and Amazon have accomplished with series like “The Man in the High Castle” and “Stranger Things,” it’s further stratified the streaming space. Where once cord cutters benefited from consolidated services, now it’s necessary to maintain a bevy of subscriptions.

Nevertheless, a Disney only streaming service holds a ton of promise. Because Disney is a juggernaut with a wide catalog of content which varies from kid-friendly fare like “DuckTales” to more mature content such as Marvel and Star Wars movies, it’s an automatic player in the space.

Ultimately, I agree with TorrentFreak: this is why people continue to pirate. While I’m unsure if I’ll subscribe, I will try to hold off judgment on this streaming service. Besides, I own most Marvel films and shows on home video, including these badass Phase One and Phase Two releases.

What are your thoughts on Disney pulling its Marvel and Star Wars content from Netflix?