2017 indie thriller “M.F.A.” is slated for a November, 2017 DVD and Blu-Ray release. The film, directed by Natalia Leite and written/starring/produced by Leah McKendrick (“Bad Moms,” “The Girl in the Green Dress“). [Read: Johanna Goldstein, Leah McKendrick, & Sara Fletcher on acting, feminism, & dance]

“M.F.A.” follows an art student, Noelle (Francesca Eastwood) struck with creative genius after her rapist is accidentally killed. She emerges as a vigilante with the mission to avenge the university girls’ whose attackers weren’t brought to justice. 

I’m quite excited about the forthcoming “M.F.A.” Blu-Ray release and already have my pre-order in. But it’s available for purchase and rental via digital retailers including Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play already. Head over to Amazon and pre-order your copy, or snag a digital copy. Stay tuned for the review, and happy watching!