Fact: Kevin Spacey is a master thespian. If you’ve ventured into the social media realm, you’ve probably noticed that there’s this show called “House of Cards,” and that season 2 just dropped on Netflix. From the plethora of whisperings which (thankfully) have remained spoiler free, it seems more than a few folks have plowed through all 26 episodes in 6 days. Or less. Those considering the plunge into Netflix’s original series be forewarned that bouts of binge watching will inevitably occur.

Though Mr. Spacey is currently recognized as Frank Underwood, he’s appeared in countless critically acclaimed pieces. Click on for a retrospective of Spacey’s best performances. Have a particular favorite Kevin Spacey appearance? Comment below or tweet @mitchellclong

If you’re a 90’s kid you’ll recall that 1998 was the year of the bug. Well, not quite, but judging from animated flicks one might naturally assume so. “Antz” and “A Bug’s Life” both created quite a buzz at box offices, and each film featured stellar acting. Hopper, primary antagonist of “A Bug’s Life” was voiced by Kevin Spacey, and he’s a villain ruthless enough to squish his cronies. Sound familiar?

Serial killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey) offers a haunting argument for his murders, and though the dialogue is great, Spacey’s delivery adds an additional element. His calm demeanor paints a calculating portrait of the religious fanatic, arguably more frightening than a visibly crazed lunatic. Spacey’s interpretation lends the idea that Doe is fully aware of his own actions, meticulously planning each twisted killing.

GERTY is an undeniable salute to Stanly Kubrick’s Hal 9000. And who better to provide a cool yet unsettling voice than Kevin Spacey? The voiceover combined with GERTY’s personality (hey, androids can dream too) feel natural in union. In fact, Spacey’s far-from-boring monotone, a difficult feat, could have been cast as Hal. Oh, and the film is one of the top 5 best sci-fi flicks. Check it out.

A hilariously mustached Kevin Spacey plays Larry Hooper, the villain (surprise surprise). Spacey contributes his acting prowess to an already strong cast, and though the film didn’t fare particularly well with critics, it’s actually quite enjoyable. Heck, it’s worth watching just to see Kevin Spacey’s goofy facial hair.

Ever since “Chinatown,” noir films have been held to a higher standard, and one of the few flicks to meet that criteria is “L.A. Confidential.” Spacey stars as Detective Jack Vincennes, a protagonist for a change. He rounds out a star-studded roster and balances hard-nosed Russell Crowe’s performance.

“The Usual Suspects” is a mind-blowing, intricate flick featuring one of the singular greatest twists in cinematic history. Fittingly, it’s also one of Spacey’s best roles. He narrates the film, and his voice-overs are brimming with candid banter and ramblings. The movie was awarded 10th place on AFI’s top 10 Mystery film list, and Kevin Spacey’s impact is largely the reason. If you haven’t experienced “The Usual Suspects,” pull up Netflix immediately.