Another month, another batch of cool cinema! Durham’s Carolina Theatre hosts retro classics on Friday evenings as part of its Retro Film Series. June 2, 2017 sees “His Girl Friday” paired with “Stage Door.” Tune in for a delightful double header on Friday June 9 with Dustin Hoffman gem “Tootsie” with “My Favorite Year.” Following on June 16, “The Big Sleep” gets the big screen treatment with “The Postman Always Rings Twice” as the second billing. The Retro Film Series features a

The Retro Film Series features a Retroarthouse Film Series on June 23. Running June 23 through June 25, this special event centers on art house flicks. “My Dinner With Andre,” “The Seventh Seal,” “The Thief of Bagdad,” “City Lights,” “Rashomon,” “Lord of the Flies,” “Cronos,” “La Cage Aux Follies,” “Eraserhead,” “My Beautiful Laundrette,” “Peter Weir’s Gallipoli,” “Touch of Evil,” and “Wings of Desire” all screen throughout the weekend. To close out the month, “House” and “The Legacy,” hit the silver screen.

Over in Raleigh, Ambassador Cinemas holds down the retro film scene. At the Rialto, Musical Monday presents “GIGI” and “The Night they Invented Champagne” on June 5. Stay tuned for a June 19 screening of “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”

Flashback Cinema delivers a smattering of old school classics to the big screen. Catch “The Princess Bride” on June 4 and June 7. Just in time for school getting out, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” airs on June 11 and 14. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” swings back into action on June 18 and June 21, which could make for a solid Father’s Day outing. Then June 25 and 28 see “The Blues Brothers” back at the box office. You can find Flashback Cinema screenings as Chapel Hill at Silverspot as well as Park West 14 in Morrisville, and Wakefield 12 in Raleigh.

With improving weather, watch for outdoor screenings. In Chapel Hill, Movies by Moonlight plays “Men in Black” on June 10. 2017’s “Kong Skull Island” plays on June 17. June 24, watch “Beauty and the Beast,” the 2017 reboot. In Raleigh, the NC Art Museum also hosts outdoor movies. Watch “Arrival” on June 10, with “Hell or High Water” on June 16. 2016 Harry Potter universe film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” airs on June 17. Then based-on-a-true-story “Sully” plays June 23. Also in Raleigh, PNC features a Downtown Movie Series. June 2 highlights “Robin Hood Men in Tights.” A week later, see “The Mask.” Cult classic “Clueless” airs on June 26 with another cult favorite in “Men in Black” on June 23. The hilarious “Wayne’s World” plays June 30.

Fathom Events also screens retro goodies. Mob classic “The Godfather” hits cinemas on June 4 and 7. June 11 and 14 find “Some Like it Hot” back at the box office.

What retro film events did you find? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @mitchellclong and @Cup_Of_Moe