Indie horror flick “The Void” debuted to immense critical acclaim. It’s been on the festival circuit, and I had the great pleasure of watching “The Void” in a screening at Nevermore Film Festival at Carolina Theatre of Durham. While “The Void” launched on video on demand (VoD) platforms, it’s just making its way to Blu-ray. There’s a UK Blu-ray as well as UK DVD available on April 23, 2017.

North American fans rejoice, as DiabolikDVD has an exclusive release of “The Void.” There’s also a region 1 DVD for pre-order. In case you missed my review, “The Void” ranks as one of my favorite horror titles in years, alongside “It Follows” and “Get Out.” From its practical effects to setting, score, and phenomenal acting “The Void” is destined as a cult classic. It’s refreshing to see a North American and UK release.

Snag your DVD, Blu-ray, or VoD copy and check the listings for a screening near you!