SkyBlew (real name Mario Farrow) may be the hottest thing in hip hop to spwan from North Carolina since Little Brother emerged from Durham. A dose of jazz rap and a dash of nerdcore with a heaping portion of positivity, Farrow helps hip hop heads realize that the genre is far from dead.

In an unconventional, but highly welcome move, SkyBlew dropped a surprise album SkyBlew the Cowardly Boy on Aug. 29, 2016, the rapper’s own birthday. Typically birthdays are occasions for receiving gifts, but leave it to the quirky, funky Farrow to flip the script.

To celebrate the album’s release, SkyBlew plays Cat’s Cradle Back Room on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016. This promises to be a high energy show, and there’s more. It’s dubbed a Cosplay Jammie Jams, and showgoers are encouraged to come decked out in their finest cosplay, pajamas, or both. As SkyBlew said in a Sept. 17, 2016 Facebook post “You can Cosplay top half, with bottom half pajamas or pick one!”

The upcoming show is certainly a must-see, and if you haven’t already, cop SkyBlew the Cowardly Boy along with any other SkyBlew album you have yet to add to your collection. Snag your tix from Cat’s Cradle before they sell out, and stay tuned for another SkyBlew release hopefully not too far in the future.