Vinyl review: Death Waltz Recording Co. 'The Void' original motion picture score
3.5Overall Score

“The Void” (our review) is one of the best horror films in decades. Similarly, its soundtrack is an epic musical backdrop of dark ambient numbers. So how does the Death Waltz The Void vinyl release hold up? Find out…

I’m admittedly a sucker for colored vinyls, and the translucent blue of The Void LP from Death Waltz is stunning. It’s a gate-fold vinyl package that’s glossy. This lends a premium feel to the record case. Although it’s a total fingerprint magnet, the packaging is exquisite.

On the front of the gatefold there’s the movie poster cover in all of its Lovecraftian glory. The back side features merely the track listing. Inside the gatefold, there’s a scene from the film.

There’s no complimentary digital copy of the album, as is common with many vinyl releases. Unfortunately, there’s no time-stamped track listing either. So if you’re like me and prefer to rip your records and make a digital copy, you’re out of luck.

The Death Waltz The Void original motion picture soundtrack vinyl release is pretty barebones. There’s no poster or insert, simply the vinyl and a gatefold. But the glossy packaging and transluscent blue disc makes this a solid record.

The Verdict: Buy it.

Side A:

1. Nowhere – Jeremy Gillespie
2. Starless Night / The Void – Jeremy Gillespie
3. Beverly – Brian Wiacek
4. The Shape – Menalon
5. A Hole in the World – Blitz//Berlin – A Death in the Family – Menalon
6. Calling Them Here – Blitz//Berlin – Desperate Times – Brian Wiacek
7. Resurrection – Menalon – Cloak and Dagger / The Call – Blitz//Berlin
8. Dysmorphia – Jeremy Gillespie
9. Infested / Jagged Pulse – Blitz//Berlin

Side B:

10. Sacrifices – Blitz//Berlin
11. A Small Hope – Blitz//Berlin
12. The Red Room / Maggie – Blitz//Berlin
13. Place of Worship / Configuration – Menalon
14. The Child / This Isn’t the End – Blitz//Berlin
15. Run Like Hell – Blitz//Berlin
16. Aftermath / Last Hope – Blitz//Berlin
17. Going to See the King – Jahmeel Russell, Amy de Blois, Darrell Simpson, Jeremy Gillespie