It’s February, which means cold weather and Valentine’s Day! Between those two are of course, a large selection of good reads. Here are some of our staff pics for new February 2018 manga releases!

Everyday Scenes From A Parallel World is our first title on the list, and it’s of note because it’s not a manga, but about manga. This details the backgrounds and scenery of manga, something which often gets overshadowed. Not only does it offer beautifully drawn examples, but it takes care to detail the creative process and tools used to bring them to life. As a publisher, PIE International always does a good job creating detailed art books that are well put together, and this is no exception.
Following up from Everyday Scenes is a work from Makoto Shinkai, who is known for his gorgeously detailed backgrounds. Voices From A Distant Star is based off Shinkai’s 2003 film of the same name, which deals with love, loneliness, and the time difference of being away from the one you love. As always, Shinkai’s work is filled with tender, heartwrenching moments, and this will be no exception.
Third up is the much-anticipated volume 11 of My Hero Academia. The series is arguably one of the most popular currently running shonen series, so the latest volume is a real treat. Right in the middle of the heated moment of Bakugou’s rescue, the all-powerful stringpuller behind the League of Villains appears, throwing everything into chaos.
With the surging popularity of Devilman following Crybaby‘s debut on Netflix, the second volume of Devilman Grimoire is well timed. While it will still be a few months before the original manga comes out in English, curious fans can enjoy this spin-off. While there are some large changes to the plot (notably, the absence of one particular character), but this is still plenty of a wild ride.
Many know Satoshi Kon’s movie adaptation of Perfect Blue, but few have had the chance to read the original novel– until now. Seven Seas has translated the standalone novel, so we can all see how the story was translated from page to screen. The story details the transformation of a pop idol as her career change tarnishes her image of a ‘pure’ girl and the violent reactions her fans have.
The second volume of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc also debuts this month, coinciding with the release of the anime. As more and more cards appear, Sakura tries to get to the heart of the mystery. Still, the appearance of new characters and the tensions that come with them add another layer to Sakura’s new struggle.
Another series going along with its anime release is volume 8 of The Ancient Magus’ Bride. The anime has been gaining a lot of acclaim for its gentle storytelling and vivid art, and the original is no exception. Chise is still afflicted with the dragon’s curse following the last volume, which could cut into her already short life. Perhaps all is lost, if not for the aid of a witch.

I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happiness, the sequel to the short but cute love story I Hear the Sunspot, picks up where Kohei and Taichi left off. Now that Kohei has made his feelings clear, their relationship can progress. How exactly it will progress and what hurdles are ahead remain yet to be seen, but with their more open communication, it’s looking hopefully.
Last up is the second volume of A Polar Bear In Love, which focuses on the unlikely romance between a polar bear and a seal. The seal is of course, still terrified of the lovestruck polar bear, and comedy ensues. But so does drama, as the polar bear isn’t the only one interested in the seal…

Those are our February picks! If you read any, let us know!