It’s November, and the weather is finally getting chilly. What better way to enjoy the warmth indoors than with some of the new manga releases?

Descending Stories, or Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, drops its fourth volume this month. This manga is an absolute masterpiece, featuring a cast of characters who are all tied together over their love of storytelling. It’s a much more adult manga, featuring the lives of different people over several generations and how they all come together. A young student tries to turn his life around by learning from his master- and this volume we see more of Yakumo’s past. A fantastic read overall, and absolutely worth all of the critical acclaim.

Haikyu drops volume 17, which features a special cover that wraps around to the back of the book. Karasuno finishes up their match with Aoba Jousai in a climactic finale, which you don’t want to miss. This volume also features the start of the match with Shiratorizawa, another one of the team’s rivals built up since the ninth volume. A decisive volume for sure, and it’s is already listed as a manga bestseller.

The ever-popular My Hero Academia debuts its tenth volume in English. Following the massive popularity of the second anime season, this has been a highly anticipated volume that goes past what the anime is up to. In it, confusion reigns rampant as the League of Villains go after Bakugou, and the protagonists are forced to take some losses. Arguably one of the best shonen manga running currently, this is absolutely worth checking out.

Volume 5 of Scum’s Wish releases fairly early in the month. This series is rather odd, because it’s not a feel-good series whatsoever. All of the characters are very open about their desires, to the point that they’re willing to drag other people down. It’s a very frank view on selfishness, but they all still wish for happiness regardless. A complex of human emotions, and features lovely soft art. It’s not for everyone, but for those that can tolerate a story where not everyone has the best intentions, it’s definitely a good read.

Erased releases its third volume, setting the release schedule at one volume every four months. The mystery continues, as Satoru continues on his journey to find the culprit of the serial murders. This volume traverses between the past and present, as Satoru tries to string together clues from both lives to solve the mystery. Although the volume is at a slightly higher price than normal for manga, it’s a sturdy hardcover and quite large, so it’s absolutely worth the price.

Delicious in Dungeon comes out with its third volume, which features more cooking and adventures. The premise is wild— a party of fantasy adventurers finds themselves trapped in a dungeon without food, and end up cooking monsters to survive. It delves quite a lot into hypothetical monster biology as well! Fans of The Adventure Zone might want to check out this funny, clever series. Looks like octopus is on the menu tonight.

Neo Parasyte M is also released this month. Following the lead of Neo Parasyte F, M is a collection of short stories taking place in the world of Parasyte. Another excellent range of artists have decided to pen stories this time around, such as Rozen Maiden’s Peach-Pit and Teppu’s Moare Ohta. If you love the original, are a fan of the 2014 anime, or really love monsters and body horror, this is a good series to check out.

Forbidden Scrollery is the first Touhou title to be released in print in English. Those who know Touhou likely know it for its bullet hell games and explosive popularity. Along with Kantai Collection, Touhou is one of the top ranking titles in sheer numbers at Comiket. It features a character that hasn’t appeared in the games, Kosuzu Motoori, and her life working at the book rental shop, Suzunaan. With familiar faces from the series popping up left and right, this is bound to be a novel to pick up.

Children of the Whales is a new series to hit the shelves, boasting beautifully rough art and great worldbuilding. Their world is a post apocalyptic one with an immense amount of desertification, people are largely isolated from each other. The appearance of a mysterious young girl throws the relative stability of the town into disarray. Umeda’s art really shines in this series, especially when it comes to backgrounds and other scenery. It’s also set to be a Netflix series in 2018, so get your reading done in advance!

This month in particular boasts an incredibly strong lineup, as a perfect segue into the holiday season. This is the month of manga!