Every month about twenty or so titles of manga come out in English, and it’s hard to navigate through them all. Here are some of the notable manga titles coming out in September 2017!

To start off the list is the 12th volume of the massive hit One Punch Man. It’s popularity is warranted, as it’s a consistent mix of humor and action. ONE’s writing mixed with Yusuke Murata’s art is an excellent combination, and their partnership continues to shine in this volume. Saitama becomes curious in martial arts and enters a tournament, a hilarious backdrop considering how powerful we know him to be.

The next notable title is volume 15 of Haikyuu. Viz has been putting Haikyuu out at a crazy speed- dropping a new volume once per month. That’s astounding, given the 3~5 months most manga requires to be translated. The latest volume starts the rematch of the main volleyball team, Karasuno, with the fan-favorites Aoba Jousai. Aoba Jousai has a completely different rhythm compared to their first match, and this volume will take readers by surprise.

Volume 4 of Bungou Stray Dogs will drop later in the month. With more western authors from the Guild showing up in this volume, there are even more flashy battles. While Bungou isn’t a deep series, it is a lot of fun, and seeing famous authors running around with superpowers and fighting each other is something I can always get behind.

Kase-san and Shortcake is the third in the Kase-san series, and a notable release in the growing amount of Girl’s Love series being licensed for English-speaking audiences. It revolves around two girls who are polar opposites, and how their relationship blossoms. While it’s best to start with from the beginning, each volume has its own contained story. Overall, this series is very tender and sweet, and seeing Hiromi Takashima’s artstyle improve between volumes is always neat. The six-minute OVA of the first volume gained a lot of popularity following its release in May, and an anime project has been set for 2018.

Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage releases its first volume this month, and comes as a familiar sight to classic anime fans. Originally from Leiji Matsumoto’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Harlock returns on another adventure. The new series, illustrated by Kouichi Shimahashi, is a retelling of the original, with a fresh spin and slight deviations from the original. Harlock deals with many things that still ring true today: helplessness, an indifferent government, and taking matters into your own hands. Fans of Gundam and general scifi should give this series a try.

Volume 7 of Welcome to the Ballroom is set to come out this month, and this segment focuses more on the partnership between Tatara and Chinatsu. Ballroom is a rarity in that it focuses on dance, and the relationship that partners have to both each other and to the craft. Seeing whether they can become proper partners with a competition at stake make this worth picking up. The anime is also currently airing, but the manga art demonstrates a certain kind of movement and energy that the anime lacks.

Last up is the final volume of My Love Story. This series had a long run but has sadly come to an end. It stands out as a cute romance that just makes the reader feel good. It uses the usual tropes as most romance-based shoujo, but delivers it in an extremely heartwarming way. It’s refreshing showcasing both romance and friendship, and hopefully the end will be as charming as the rest of the series has been.

A lot of good titles came out this month, but these are the ones that caught our attention the most. Give some of them a read!