The Kodi community is being ripped apart by a piracy lawsuit. Massively popular addons including Salts, ZemTV, and Phoenix have gone offline. This follows mere weeks after the decade-old Kodi addon Navi-X shut down. This Kodi addon piracy lawsuit promises to divide the Kodi comminuy.

It’s important to note that Kodi itesle is completely legal. As a platform, Kodi is merely an open-source media center. Addons provide streaming content and are community created. As such, Kodi is a neutral platform. Bolstered by the likes of English football (or soccer for Stateside readers), conglomerate the Premier League, a Kodi addon piracy lawsuit persists in targeting hosts of streams.

Kodi addon piracy lawsuit: Different than torrenting

Whereas torrent sites and torrenters are both penalized, the current Kodi addon piracy lawsuit is different. Unlike Internet service providers (ISPs) sending letters to torrent seeers, it’s solely illegal Kodi addon stream hosts which ISPs target.

Even so, there’s a clear trend. With torrent sites like going offline as well as Kodi addons including ZemTV, Salts, and Phoenix shutting down, a combo of pressure from the likes of the Kodi addon piracy lawsuit and growing fear of such legal action continues to ravage pirate communities.

But pirates exhibit persistence. Days after its closing, an apparent clone,, launched. However, is merely a The Pirate Bay mirror with an ExtraTorrent skin. Still, is shows the tenacity of pirate communities such as torrenters.

With the shifting Kodi addon landscape and in reaction to the Kodi addon lawsuit, Kodi plans to take action. As per a posting on the Kodi blog, Kodi developers are considering the addition of DRM purely to allow for integration with legal apps like Netflix. It’s similar to the way apps from Netflix and Hulu integrate with the Android operating system.

What are your thoughts on the current Kodi addon piracy lawsyit and which Kodi addons do you use most?