Linux PC manufacturer System76 offers a range of laptops, desktops, and servers. System76 refreshed their three highend laptops the Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS. New iterations of the Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS come outfitted with HiDPI displays and are powered by Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processors. Additionally, these desktop replacement laptops are graced with 10-series NVIDIA GPUs.

According to a Feb. 16, 2017 press release, the HiDPI displays boast a whopping 3.1 million more pixels than Apple Retina displays. Thus, the Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS  offer 4k video, high res gaming, and extremely sharp text. Think video gaming and Linux don’t mix well? Check out my write ups on playing retro games on Linux using Wine and the PlayOnLinux frontend, as well as tutorial on making a game server on Linux. And while you’re at it, check out the informative and entertaining Gardiner aka The Linux Gamer. And if you’re curious about the capabilities of the Bonobo WS, just check out the Bonobo handling a 32 node Kubernetes cluster.

The Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS are very popular products for professionals as they feature all the necessary ports and plenty of power. System76 is proud to continue iterating on these products, keeping up with the taxing workloads of our customers who are doing big things.

— Ryan Sipes, Community Manager

You can snag the Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS now from the System76 website. Which revamped laptop are you most excited for?