Linux PC manufacturer System76 is full of surprises. First the Denver, Colorado-based tech company announced plans to in-house production. In Feb., 2017 System76 unveiled refreshed versions of its Oryx Pro, Serval WS, and Bonobo WS laptops with 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake CPUs. On Mar. 2, 2017 System76 CRO Carl Richell revealed the debue of the Galago Pro. The Galago Pro is a new ultra-thin laptop. Sporting a 13-inch aluminum body, the thin and light laptop succeds the popular Galago UltraPro.

The forthcoming System76 Galago Pro boasts a 7th Gen i5 or i7 Kaby lake processor, HiDPI IPS dislpay, and up to 32 GB of RAM.

“Our customers have been asking for this machine for a while, and we’ve wanted to do it. So here it is. We are happy to have had such a great venue in Ubucon to share it with the world.”

— Ryan Sipes, Community Manager

If you’ve been considering an Apple MacBook, think again. The System76 Galago Pro is poised to trounce the Apple MacBook. Onboard the Galago Pro you’ll find Intel HD 620 graphics. A true premium ultra-thin laptop, the Galago Pro features a backlit keyboard, 4K display, and USB Type-C. Slated for an April release, the Galago Pro will retail starting at $899. Head over to System76 to learn more and register.

Additionally, System76 announced a new Starling Pro ARM server. This 1U server contains a whopping 96 cores. It’s therefore well-suited to microservice and analytics-heavy tasks. The Starling Pro ARM server follows the ultra-powerful Ibex Pro GPU server, continuing System76’s foray into the server space. The Starling Pro ARM server is available now starting at $6,399.