NBC hit series “Blindspot” returns for its third season on Oct. 27, 2017. “Blindspot” season 2 concluded with an epic season finale in “Lepers Repel.” Over the course of the show, Shepherd’s mission to nuke Washington D.C. and instate her own hand-picked government failed. The Sandstorm plot satisfactorily concluded, with Shepherd in custody. Roman escaped, or rather Jane let her brother go.
In the celebratory aftermath, FBI agent Kurt Weller and Jane (Jeller) once again sparked up their romantic flame. But in a clip showing two years after apprehending Shepherd, Jane is off in an unknown country on a sort of spiritual retreat. Weller appears looking for her, and reveals that fellow agents Reade, Zapata, and Patterson are missing. Further, he pulls out another package addressed to FBI agent Kurt Weller. Rather than a human, instead there’s a small device inside. It requires both Jane and Weller to unlock the small gadget. In a massive twist, it illuminates hidden tattoos on Jane’s body.

‘Blindspot’ season 3 sneak peek and first thoughts

It’s clear that “Blindspot” season 3 is poised to continue exploring tattoos. I’m thrilled about this, as many of the tattoo-centric episodes ranked among my favorites. There was a delightful mystery they oozed into the series.

Additionally, season 3 of “Blindspot” hops into the future two years. Expect flashbacks, both standalone and possibly entire flashback episodes to explain what’s happened in between. Another huge revelation “Lepers Repel” dropped was that Jane and Weller married somewhere in that two year gap. What caused Jane to run away, and the state of their relationship (not-so-spoiler alert: probably not good), is unclear.

With Shepherd in Nas’s custody, there’s likely a lot which will come to light from interrogations. It’s where Reade, Zapata, and Patterson are. But chances are Roman has something to do with their suspicious disappearances.

I’m extremely excited for “Blindspot” season 3. If it’s anything like season 2, which surpassed its excellent predecessor in season 1, then this should be the best series entry to date. And hey, if Rich Dot Com is back, which reportedly he is, how can “Blindspot” season 3 not be incredible?

What are your thoughts and predictions for “Blindspot” season 3?