CBC’s hit series “Murdoch Mysteries” is one of the best shows you may have missed. Many TV series hit a slump well before their tenth season. But the period piece which follows brilliant Toronto detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) continues to improve as it progresses. Season 10 clocked in some of the show’s best entries, concluding with a shocking finale. In advance of the”Murdoch Mysteries” season 11 premiere, here’s a sneak peek and first thoughts.

“Murdoch Mysteries” season 11 sneak peek and first thoughts

In “Murdoch Mysteries” season 10, episode 18 “Hell to Pay,” a burlesque dancer asks for Det. Murdoch’s help. But when she ends up dead, and in Murdoch’s bed no less, this forces the finest member of the Toronto constabulary on the run.

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Murdoch has been framed for murder. “Murdoch in Wonderland” also found William battling to prove his own innocence. An explosive season 10 finale not only framed Murdoch for murder, but the crooked Chief Constable Davis (Richard Clarkin) was reinstated, leaving Murdoch’s wife, Dr. Julia Ogden (Helene Joy) in danger. Plus, Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) lost his job over the investigation. Although I suspect this is a temporary situation.

Constable George Crabtree (Johnny Harris) realizes that romantic interest and reporter Louise Cherry (Bea Santos) isn’t the woman he believed she was. “Hell to Pay” concluded with Constables Crabtree, Jackson (Kristian Bruun), and Higgins (Lachlan Murdoch), shot, Dr. Ogden missing, and Inspector Brackenreid missing and possibly dead. Oh yeah, and Murdoch is behind bars. Of the three constables, at least one is deceased.

Our prediction: Likely, it won’t be Crabtree that’s killed. Higgins was second to George in his screentime, so i doubt he’s knocked off either. Oddly, season 10 spent substantial time developing Jackson’s character. Nevertheless, I’m predicting it’s Jackson who dies. But if that’s true, it’s a real shame as Jackson evolved into one of the most beloved characters on the show. Though Brackenreid is also missing, potentially killed, I think it’s doubtful the Inspector gets knocked off as well.

Expect for both Murdoch and Ogden to emerge almost unscathed. Of the things I’m most excited for, one of the biggest is witnessing Det. Watts (Daniel Maslany) back in action. Whatever happens, the “Murdoch Mysteries” season 11 premiere is set to be one of the top “Murdoch” entries to date.

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