Irdis Elba rose to prominence in BBC hit series “Luther.” The BBC crime drama debuted in 2010 and follows detective John Luther (Elba) as an unconventional murder detective. In a June 2017 post, BBC One announced a forthcoming “Luther” series 5. [Read: 10 TV shows you should watch but probably haven’t]

The Neil Cross-directed “Luther” stands as one of the grittiest television shows. While it bears similarities to the likes of “Sherlock,” it’s decidedly darker. Yes, “Sherlock” did kill off Mary. But that’s fitting with canon. However, “Luther” proved unrelenting in its constant twists and brutality. Instead of merely onscreen gruesome events, what makes “Luther” so powerful is its probing of psychology and portraying the tormented DCI John Luther. “Luther” series 5 promises to continue this when Elba once again dons Luther’s tweed overcoat.
Since assuming the role of DCI John Luther, Elba went on to star in such hits as “Prometheus,” “Thor,” and the 2017 big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower.” After “Luther” series 4, talks indicated a return to “Luther” on the big screen. However, BBC clarified that “Luther” series 5 will return as a four-episode mini-series. It’s unclear when the upcoming “Luther” series 5 will air. But filming is slated for early 2018.

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