Happy new year! January starts off with a lot of strong titles- perfect to start a fresh new year of manga reading! Here are some of our top picks of manga debuting in January 2018!

After a bit of a delay, the first volume of RWBY hits the shelves. Originally an well-known Roosterteeth webseries, its popularity overseas netted it a manga adaptation. Drawn by Shirow Miwa of Dogs fame, the manga follows the main four girls before the series begins. The inspiration comes from the four trailers released before the series began, and exploring what’s happening behind the scenes.

The first volume of Battle Angel Alita: Mars is set to debut. This is the last of the Alita series, building off the original series and Last Order. With the Hollywood adaptation coming out in August, interest in the series has been sparked again. The hardcover deluxe edition was released in November 2017 by Kodansha, and the omnibuses of Last Order are still in print, so there’s no better time to catch up.
Drifters comes out with its fifth volume, slowly catching up to the Japanese releases. Coming off the heels of its anime adaptation, the saga of the Drifters and Ends in the endless fight for the new world continues. This volume continues beyond the scope of the anime, and introduces some new characters that could change the course of the war. By Kouta Hirano of Hellsing fame, this series is equally a gory and wild ride.
Frau Faust releases its third volume, with the fourth set to debut in March. This series is drawn and penned by Kore Yamazaki, who is most well known for creating The Ancient Magus’ Bride. The anime for Magus Bride is about halfway through its run, and has garnered mainly positive reviews so far. For those interested in reading Yamazaki’s first work, featuring a magical world, and a female protagonist searching for answers, look no further.
For the horror fan, the second volume of Yokai Rental Shop is set to come out. Shin Mashiba, who also wrote Nightmare Inspector, continues the story of a mysterious shop that rents out monsters and the two brothers whose lives are inexplicably intertwined. Fans of youkai and horror are sure to be delighted by Mashiba’s continuous twists and turns of humans interacting with monsters.
On a comedic note, the High School Life of Fudanshi comes out with its third volume. Gucchi is a fudanshi, or a boy who is into BL, and has a hard time hiding his hobby. Anyone who likes reading BL, doujinshi collecting, or is passionate about their fictional ships is sure to have a laugh reading this series. While you can’t always agree with Gucchi, you can definitely have a chuckle at his passion.
Those are our top picks for the month. If you pick up any titles, let us know what you think!