It’s October, get spooky. Here are the noteworthy releases for this month!

Its the 35th anniversary of Otomo’s Akira, and to celebrate that, _ is releasing a box set with all six volumes of the manga in hardcover. It also features the art book, something incredibly hard to find now that it’s out of print, and a special patch. Akira’s a true classic, and if you have the spare change, investing in sturdy hardcovers is definitely a great way to commemorate the series. Also, a fun reminder that Tokyo 2020 is coming up, which Akira nearly predicted by having the Tokyo Olympics set in 2019.

Volume 3 of The Girl From The Other Side comes out at the end of the month. Both drawn and written by Nagabe, this series is lovely in all aspects. The soft lines in the art perfectly match the mood, and Nagabe’s balance of light and shadow emphasizes the quiet mystery. The last volume ended on a real cliffhanger, so it’s been far too long of a wait to find out what happens next!

Juni Taisen: Zodiac Wars isn’t a manga, but rather a light novel. It’s penned by NISIOISIN, who’s best known for writing the Monogatari series light novels, as well as the Zaregoto series. Juni Taisen is a standalone, that features the assassins styled after the Zodiac engaged in a battle royale, where the winner gets to claim a wish. The premise sounds similar to Fate, but knowing NISIOISIN’s writing, the story is bound to be absolutely wild.

The worldwide sensation Your Name blew away box office records for animated film when it debuted in the summer of 2016. The latest spinoff volume, Your Name Another Side: Earthbound features Mitsuha’s family and friends, and how they react to Taki inhabiting her body. Since the movie focused on Mitsuha and Taki’s perspectives and less of those surrounding them, this is an interesting insight.

Another Kuroko no Basket omnibus is also set to be released, this time compiling volumes 15 and 16. The match against Touou continues, and Seiren struggles against the combination of Aomine’s strength and Momoi’s strategies. Aomine is one of the major rivals in the series, so the harsh match against his team is incredibly satisfying. As usual, more physics-defying basketball feats continue, making this volume a wild ride.

Tokyo Ghoul is a routine fan-favorite, and the main series finished being translated in August. The second part, Tokyo Ghoul: re, debuts mid-month. The story begins with Haise Sasaki, and focuses on the CCG’s operations instead of the ghouls. What happened to Ken Kaneki after his fight with Arima will soon be revealed.

If you manage to pick up any of these, tell us what you think!