Windows and OS X users benefit from a bevy of pre-built hardware options. Linux users however are usually relegated to cobbling together do-it-yourself (DIY) builds. Enter System76. The Denver, Colorado-headquartered company features an array of pre-built Linux PCs. These range from Intel NUCs and portable laptops to gamng laptops, beefy desktops, and servers. New for 2017, the Ibex Pro server debuted. Boastng up to 8 NVIDIA GPUs and 39,936 CUDA cores, the IBEX Pro is enables engineers and data scientists to glean insight via 3D modeling and machine learning. In Sept. 2016, System76 dropped the Oryx Pro 4k. This beefy laptop sports a 4K HiDPI display with 3840×2160 pixels.

Feb. 9-11 2017, System76 hosts its Superfan II: Legend of the Lake event in Denver. The event highlights makers and invites. Eight lucky makers entered the contest and received invites to the System76 Denver headquarters to exhibit their creations. Of the previous System76 Superfan event, System76 says, “The last Superfan event was a resounding success, bringing together a wide range of Linux enthusiasts doing neat stuff with their System76 computers. Attendees included those working on Linux gaming content, a System76 Android app, tree-planting drones, and an open source personal assistant. During their time at the System76 headquarters the winners shared their feedback on current and future products, as well as joined the team for fun and games.”

System76 further offers that “This year’s Superfan also has a theme, that of a fantasy role-playing game. Many of the activities at the event will focus around the theme such as a Dragon (Drone) Race, a ‘Helm of Foresight’ (EKG brain-wave reader), and many more! The best part of it all is attendees will get to play with the new Kaby Lake computers that we will be shipping, and the event is ultimately put on in order to celebrate those releases.”

The System76 2017 Superfan II: Legend of the Lake event promises to be an excellent showcase for makers, Linux buffs, and debut of forthcoming System76 Kaby Lake-powered machines. Stay tuned for more Superfan II coverage, and check out my list of best Plex server devices includig the System76 Meerkat!