As a kid, my television watching was pretty limited. In fact, my family didn’t even have satellite or cable until I was 12. But growing up, one of the few shows I watched regularly was “The Magic School Bus.” That’s largely because of its educational content. Unlike other series, “The Magic School Bus” presented pop science information and even included tie-in books. Before I knew it, I’d been duped into learning, and having fun. Though the original TV series only lasted four seasons, it’s being brought back as a Netflix original, “The Magic School Bus Rides Again.”

“The Magic School Bus Rides Again” season one trailer released

As the season one trailer for “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” reveals, Miss Frizzle is the same zany Frizz. The field trips look as wacky as ever, and the kids are recognizable as ever. Arnold is still the adorable, worrying geek, and Ralphie is there for comic relief.

Character design is pretty similar, but slightly updated. I like how it’s merely a refreshed look rather than complete overhaul. Notably, I applaud the decision to keep 2D characters rather than the 3D that’s so prevalent in current animation.

The Frizz sounds and looks the same, but this time around her sister, Miss Fiona Felicity Frizzle, joins. As Ralphie aptly states, it’s a “Total Frizzle Overload.” The decision to send the kids off with Fiona Felicity sets the series apart instantly. Sure, it’s the same formula, and many episodes from the trailer offer familiar scenes: turning into plankton, and getting baked in a pie.

Lily Tomlin won an Emmy for her role as the Frizz, so those are some tough (and wild) shoes to step into. However, SNL star Kate McKinnon plays the part of Fiona, promising delightful adventures.

Most importantly, the insanely catchy theme song is intact. Although unlike its predecessor, this iteration isn’t performed by Little Richard. Instead, it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yes, the genuis who wrote Hamilton. But just like the “DuckTales” reboot, the opening theme is essentially the same.

While I’m not in the target demographic of “The Magic School Bus Rides Again,” I’m pretty excited for this to hit Netflix.

Are you as excited for “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” as I am? What show from your childhood would you like to see rebooted?