Linux PC manufacturer System76 announced on June 29, 2017 a new Linux operating system. The forthcoming Pop!_OS by System76 is a Linux desktop OS that’s aimed at creators.


Pop!_OS by System76

The newly announced Pop!_OS by System76 is an Ubuntu-based Linux OS. Pronounced Pop OS, it’s engineered for creators and makers. More specifically, power users seeking to use their computers not simply for checking email, browsing Reddit, or streaming Netflix. Instead, for Linux users dabbling in the likes of AI, 3D modeling, DevOps, and more.

It’s another step in the direction beyond simply a manufacturer. Earlier in 2017, System76 announced its intent to fully in-house its PCs. Pop!_OS by System76 further exhibits the trend of surpassing mere manufacturer. Additionally, System76 has continued unveiling new products likes its Galago Pro and refreshed Kaby Lake-powered laptops.

“While our operating system and computers are great for any user, the ideas and features we develop for Pop!_OS will be squarely focused on the professionals and makers that use their computers to create. The project’s overarching purpose, by which all work will be measures, is making the Linux desktop as productive as possible for the engineering, devops, and computer science fields where Linux excels.”

– Carl Richell, CEO of System76

Currently, Pop!_OS by System76 is in its most basic form. There’s a Reddit for the new OS as well as GitHub for community collaboration. You can download the alpha here.

“We are both responsible community leaders and community members in all that we do at System76. We are creating software and community resources with the goal of Pop!_OS standing out as a marquee open source project. Come join us in creating an incredible desktop experience for creators!”

– Ryan Sipes, Community Manager of System76

Your turn: what are your thoughts on Pop!_OS by System76?